Songs Transformed : Living Room, Studio, YOU

As you all know (if you've watched our last video), God miraculously gave me the €6400 I needed to record a CD in a real-life studio! :-) Things are progressing well, and the next step is to have it mastered and printed. I'm considering releasing the album/EP on a USB stick in addition to (or instead of) a CD and all of this costs extra money! I now want to raise about $3500 (€3000) to pay for these expenses. I've started an Indiegogo campaign and I have 40 days to raise the needed funds! Please consider helping me get these songs from the studio to the masses! #music #impact

the whirlwind called "DSC 2016"

Discipleship Summer Course 2016 • 22 students, 12 staff, 14 kids 8 nationalities • 5 topics • 3 weeks Wow, what a whirlwind it was! As a staff team we started one week before with preparations. Praying & worshipping God together, talking about the schedule, preparing handbooks and welcome baskets. Saturday: the students arrive. All a bit wary and wondering what the coming three weeks will look like. Two families with 4 kids (and one of them on a strict gluten-free diet), a family from England, a single mom, some couples with grown-up kids (who were not present), some single ladies, a man from Turkey, a young girl from Italy… they all arrived and started to acquaint themselves with their new

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