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A while back my husband and I took a dive into the world that is an internet-free home. I remember we were on vacation in Germany and it was SUPER hot. The thought had been rumbling around in my head for a few days: should we stop having internet at home?!...?!...!?... (and so on). I was obviously undecided because it seemed so impossible in a way. But one day as we were returning to our guesthouse, I said to Wim: "I think we need to get rid of our internet at home." and he quickly agreed. Thank the Lord for my husband, who more often than not goes along with my 'strange' impressions. We had experienced something a few months earlier, where I felt that we should cancel our Netflix subscript

worry not

So it's not a surprise to anyone that the presidential election is a super big deal everywhere. It's taken all the self-control I have to not post (too much) on Facebook since I don't think it's totally the right medium for that now. There's just an overload of opinions and fear and lies and conspiracy and it's all just too much. But I have had a thought about the whole thing and since this is my blog (and I think a more peaceful medium) I can write what I want, haha! I listened to a podcast from Jason Vallotton (episode #22) a while back where he told the story of a guy who was working in Hollywood. There was a shift happening with his job and as he was talking to Jason he shared his concer

"home" sweet home

(yes this is what my State looks like... yes I live now in Holland... yes you can be sad for me hahahah) So I've been in missions for 10 years. In June 2006 I flew to Tbilisi, Georgia a few months before my DTS was to begin. It was a YWAM base that was being pioneered and I was going to help with some practical things before the school started in September. Those first 2-3 months were really hard for me, I was so homesick. I remember missing crazy things like gallon jugs of normal milk (as opposed to the ultra high heated milk that didn't even need a refrigerator) and asked for people to send Nature Valley granola bars and Christmas decorations. After that initial bout of homesickness, I sta