help me out here!

A few months ago I was lying in my bed, thinking. I felt overwhelmed by my messy house and all the unfinished tasks that seemed to hang on my shoulders. I didn't feel like a failure, but I felt like a non-successful person. Someone who always gets halfway and then stays there or moves on to the next thing. Finishing things was not my strong suit. You could see it in my messy house. I would take something that needed to go somewhere else and because of laziness mostly, I would leave it somewhere halfway where it would sit in eternal thing-purgatory, never reaching it's final destination. I had a trillion dreams and ideas, but felt like most of them were impossible because of my lack of finish

encouragement kicks butt

We're back in The Netherlands! The first thing I thought when I walked into my house was: "I LOVE MY HOME." Seriously. We had a couple days together battling jet lag, and then I headed off to Amsterdam to take part in an International Songwriters Retreat. By the way, Wim is an amazing husband and dad, because I basically abandoned him with two irregularly sleeping children while he was also exhausted himself... Anyways, back to the retreat. So I arrived, also jet lagged, and pretty overwhelmed by all the new people. I used to think of myself as an extrovert, but in these large (and new) social situations I'm not so sure. I just found my safe place, back to the coffee bar counter and chatted

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