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August 2011: Wim and I were recently married and still living in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state). I had struggled many years with being often sick, loss of smell, and at some points just not being able to breathe through my nose. It was discovered that I had nasal polyps and they needed to be removed.

I am still thankful for my great doctor (Lika Lomidze) and that I survived it all. But I can't help but remember that blazing hot hospital room (with no A/C, in the center of the busy "bazroba" next to the train station... where I just walked into the operating room and laid down on the table with my normal clothes on... where the doctor (not mine!) was ready with a cigarette in his mouth the minute I woke up... where you had to take your own food and keep it in a shared fridge... where Wim was my nurse for the night and the other nurse-ish lady kindly sacrificed her fan because ours burned out from running too much). Oh yes, I won't forget that place. It was an experience that I can now call "cool" and it makes me sound experienced and world-travelery.

Unfortunately the polyps have returned and I will have them taken out again. Tomorrow I will have another operation, this time in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands! Now I'm grateful for the health insurance which covers the costs, for the full day of forced rest I'll have (even if I have a mile of cotton stuffed in my sinuses... who cares?! I get to lay in bed and play on my iPad the whole day haha!) and mostly for the wonderfully cold hospital A/C! Though I will miss my night nurse Wim, he'll stay home with the kids. And the best part is, I'll enter my 30th year of living POLYP-FREE. I can definitely be grateful for that.

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If you watched our last video, you know that God blessed us with €6985 so that I could record a CD with my original songs. Well, the process has begun! I've been to Amsterdam twice already to work with this great producer/ recording guy (Dufry Music)! It's gonna be a long process because we're not just recording the songs how they are, but we're also working through them and seeing how they can be made better. So far we've made rough versions of two songs and I am so amazed to see how "synergy" works in this area too. I've created the songs and brought them to the level that I am capable of. But then to have another bring input and creativity, it just makes the songs so much better. So in fewer words: I'm thrilled. :-)

(here's a clip of my song "Qualified"... still in process, but sounding already so good!)


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(video below)

So after a season of being technologically absent, we've finally felt the courage to start again. It's been almost five years since we married, and it's been five years of fighting, forgiving and trying again... we're seeing improvement and that gives more rest and peace. Which is probably why we're feeling more ready to be 'out there' again.

So here's the start of our new website: thedufoorts.com. It feels so official now, haha! And here's a video update to make it all complete. love love!

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