I recently had the awesome opportunity to give an interview for the Dutch version of the Hour of Power TV program. It was aired on Dutch national television and so far I've heard some really encouraging responses. Still so amazed at the doors that God keeps opening up!! I'm just so thankful and keep walking forward as He presents new opportunities to share my story and hopefully show people at least a little bit of what God is really like. Here's to more cool things in the future!

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Leave it up the the hubby to stir the waters, haha! I asked him to write a blog post and this is what he came up with. Maybe good to share his closing line here already just to give you a taste of what is coming...


Haha people, there you have it! ENJOY! :-)

Dear people, My wife just asked me to write a blog post, so here I go… Why are we afraid of the mysterious? I chose this title to make us think about our decisions and spiritual walk with God and life in general. I want to address some things like speaking in tongues, doing or believing things not directly mentioned in the Bible, giving tithe, etc.  1 Corinthians 14:4 says, “One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself.” I think that is reason enough to speak in tongues, so why do so few Christians make use of this gift from the Holy Spirit? It will build up and encourage you, so why not do it?

We in the West want to understand everything, why is that so important? Why can we not let go of control and just do what the Bible tells us to do and see the fruits of it.

The same is true about giving tithe. Also many Christians don’t want to talk about it... why? How long will we find excuses not to obey God? Let’s just start doing what the Bible tells us to do. I have heard a lot of reasons why people don’t give tithe and speak in tongues, and I know my words will not convince you. Also not a good preaching about it or a good book. You have heard everything already. What will convince you that it is really for your benefit is when you will make the decision that God knows better what is good for you than you know yourself. Choosing to obey and let go of understanding, you will see the fruits only when you apply it. And something else I want to say is that God is bigger then the Bible, He can do more and also other things that are mentioned in the Bible. We are so afraid to be deceived, that if there is something new happening, like a new miracle, we reject it because it isn’t specifically written in the Bible. But look at this verse, “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25) God is more creative then the Bible He himself inspired. And if we really say we believe everything that is in the Bible, then I would say read it again without the humanistic filter and think twice because there is some really weird stuff in the Bible!

Just some thoughts, not that I want to start a discussion because I don’t know all theology perfectly. Just want to make you think! One person said: ‘it is not the things that you know that are standing in your way but it's the things you think you know that hinder you the most’. There are definitely truths which cannot be moved or changed, but are you still open to change your view about certain topics or are your feet stuck in concrete? 

There are so many different people, churches, denominations, cultures in this world and they all believe they are right about what they believe. So somebody needs to be wrong, are you open to consider it might be you?


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