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So it's not a surprise to anyone that the presidential election is a super big deal everywhere. It's taken all the self-control I have to not post (too much) on Facebook since I don't think it's totally the right medium for that now. There's just an overload of opinions and fear and lies and conspiracy and it's all just too much. But I have had a thought about the whole thing and since this is my blog (and I think a more peaceful medium) I can write what I want, haha!

I listened to a podcast from Jason Vallotton (episode #22) a while back where he told the story of a guy who was working in Hollywood. There was a shift happening with his job and as he was talking to Jason he shared his concerns, said he wasn't sleeping well at night and at the end he tagged on: 'but I'm trusting God'. And Jason's response was, 'no you're not...'. If he was really trusting God he wouldn't be losing sleep or having anxiety about what was going on. He could still be filling out job applications and taking active steps towards whatever direction he felt led... but without worry and anxiety in the mix. That's trust.

Now how does this apply to this whole presidential thing? There are a lot of people who are freaked out. Okay, I can't really speak into that entire group of people who are feeling that thing. But I've also noticed a lot of Christian believers who are freaked out... and that just doesn't seem right. I'm in my own journey to learning to really trust God, not just add that sentence as a tag line at the end of my worries. And I do think it's important to have space to share your heart and the things that are on your mind (I'm not promoting a 'fake it til you make it' kind of theology). But I am saying that God commanded us like a trillion and a half times not to worry or be afraid. And He's not up in Heaven like, 'ohhh, ummm... this is a pretty extreme situation that I didn't expect... so... go ahead and worry... I'm worried too!'. NO. He's not doing that. He is not freaked out and He's not worried.

Am I promoting a passive response, like 'just lay everything in the Lord's hands and see what happens'? Also not. I think if you don't like the things that have been happening as a result to the election, then go and do something in the opposite spirit. Go love people. Be nice. If you have more influence and authority, try to bring the change (and be the change) you wish to see in the world (said a famous person once...). Those things are all green light. But PLEASE stop with the melodramatic terror-filled posts about how the world is gonna explode now. God said something like this once: "For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain. My covenant of blessing will never be broken," says the LORD, who has mercy on you." Isaiah 54:10

So let's remember these promises. Stop worrying. Please. Do what you feel you need to do, be active and take initiative. Renew your mind and get new thoughts, God's thoughts, about this situation. And guard your heart with peace and trust.

He's got this thing...

Psalm 46:2-7

2 So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. 3 Let the oceans roar and foam. Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge! Interlude

4 A river brings joy to the city of our God, the sacred home of the Most High. 5 God dwells in that city; it cannot be destroyed. From the very break of day, God will protect it. 6 The nations are in chaos, and their kingdoms crumble! God’s voice thunders, and the earth melts! 7 The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us; the God of Israel is our fortress. Interlude

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(yes this is what my State looks like... yes I live now in Holland... yes you can be sad for me hahahah)

So I've been in missions for 10 years. In June 2006 I flew to Tbilisi, Georgia a few months before my DTS was to begin. It was a YWAM base that was being pioneered and I was going to help with some practical things before the school started in September. Those first 2-3 months were really hard for me, I was so homesick. I remember missing crazy things like gallon jugs of normal milk (as opposed to the ultra high heated milk that didn't even need a refrigerator) and asked for people to send Nature Valley granola bars and Christmas decorations. After that initial bout of homesickness, I started to fall in love with being an American in a foreign land. I liked to visit "home", but when people asked me if I would ever return for good I would give a resounding, "no".

Now we are back "home" again, and I really really love it. It's the first time in a long time that the thought of living in the US again seems so appealing to me. Maybe a bit crazy that I start to feel this now, in midst of all that's been going on with the presidential election. But hey... And this is not an announcement or a declaration of intent, just sharing my heart and how I'm experiencing things.

So far we've had a great furlough (minus the whole jet lag experience... I'm trying to forget that it ever happened) and we've had some big surprises. Like when we visited a church for the first time- not to speak/share, just to attend- and when the pastor found out that we were YWAM missionaries he was like, 'if you have money, give it to them after service'. And we left a church we had never visited before with $266 and a lunch date planned with the head pastor. Whaaaat?! (and that's in contrast with the church I was a member of that decided they couldn't agree with YWAM anymore, stopped our support and said that we couldn't visit life groups/Bible studies to share about our ministry because it was "too hard to control"...). Not bitter, just amazed. God is so good.

In all of this, I feel transition in the air. I also struggle to push away thoughts of fear (that we'll miss opportunities because of lack of obedience/listening/bad luck... all rooted in an "orphan mentality" that still hounds me at times), thoughts of condemnation (that we're over-promoting ourselves, doing something wrong or that we're just wrong)... and whatever. I don't want to make the struggle bigger than it is, but the struggle is real. At the same time I feel God's closeness and excitement about all the things He's unfolding, unveiling, revealing. So excited to see what the coming days/months will bring!

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This past weekend from 6-9 October have I done a character weekend from the 4th Musketeer. This is a Christian organisation that wants to help men to stand up in their manly identity in Christ! What have I learned from this is that you can do much more then you realize.

We where with 140 man +staff in Robertville, Ardennes, Belgium. In three nights I have slept maybe 9 hours, the purpose is that you will be broken physically so that you will be more open spiritually. We men always want to do everything in our own power, but this weekend we realize we need each other and God! Friday we walked 22 miles in a hillside area, it took us about 12 hrs to do that. In the middle of the night they wake you up to pray for your family and then you could go back to bed! You never knew the time, nobody was allowed to have a watch or a mobile phone! Because of this you had to give up control you never new what to expect the leaders didn't say anything!

We had to crawl under barbed wire through the mud, walking through a river against the stream for about 1,25 miles and this in ice cold water. And many more things, to much to mention here. Because of this I have enormously pushed my own boundaries, I realize now that I can do much more even with physical pain.

It was special that we as a team of 9 men where so open to each other about very personal things! If you become vulnerable then you get connection, intimacy, brotherhood, friends. The devil always wants to make us believe that we are the only one with this problem, but if we are open then we realize that everybody recognizes himself in your problems and that nobody judges you. We always think that the grass is greener with the neighbors but realize that the grass is as brown as with us if we dare to be vulnerable!

Really every man should to this weekend! I feel like a victorious man and like somebody who perseveres after this weekend!

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