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Wim (Belgium) & Jenni (USA) have been serving with YWAM for over a decade. Currently they are part of YWAM Heidebeek in The Netherlands where Wim serves in the Maintenance Team and Jenni in the Prayer & Worship ministry. They have three beautiful children, Nora, Ezra & Finn, and a heart for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY & TRANSFORMATION!

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April 11, 2019

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11 Apr 2019

Last week I posted an instrumental song that I "wrote" for Kinga Bán. Her story touched me so much because I lost my own mother to cancer when I was 9 years old. Since then a lot of emotions were re-awoken inside of me, and then I realized something very interesting: today is my mother's birthday. And she died a day before her birthday, 23 years ago. Knowing that, I decided I wanted to continue to share a bit of my story through song. A while bac...

19 Feb 2019

When I was a young new missionary in the Republic of Georgia, I was involved in a few different ministries. Some from YWAM, but some other meetings were run by people who were with different mission organizations. In my enthusiasm, I just invited everyone I met, or let’s say the ones that seemed ready for it, to come and do DTS with us. I just wanted people to have the chance to experience what I had experienced— what it’s like to grow closer to...

19 Nov 2018

I recently had the awesome opportunity to give an interview for the Dutch version of the Hour of Power TV program. It was aired on Dutch national television and so far I've heard some really encouraging responses. Still so amazed at the doors that God keeps opening up!! I'm just so thankful and keep walking forward as He presents new opportunities to share my story and hopefully show people at least a little bit of what God is really like. Here's...

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