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Wim (Belgium) & Jenni (USA) have been serving with YWAM for over a decade. Currently they are part of YWAM Heidebeek in The Netherlands where Wim serves in the Maintenance Team and Jenni in the Prayer & Worship ministry. They have three beautiful children, Nora, Ezra & Finn, and a heart for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY & TRANSFORMATION!

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April 11, 2019

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12 Jul 2016

I've had about a month break from recording, and coming Friday we continue. Here's a little clip from a few weeks ago... I love this process of creating something, finding (catching...) the right sounds, seeing how it develops. Ahhhhhh so exciting!

9 Jul 2016

We had the best vacation ever. Seriously

Eating. Sleeping. Swimming. ICE CREAM. Resting. Enjoying. Exploring. Living to the fullest. Amazing!

Next week "normal" life begins: we pick up Wim's mom from Belgium, she'll stay with us for two weeks (she has a broken foot!). Soon we will start staff training for the Discipleship Summer Course (DSC) and at the end of the month the three-week course will begin. July 30th, helping host a seminar on the Fat...

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