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Wim (Belgium) & Jenni (USA) have been serving with YWAM for over a decade. Currently they are part of YWAM Heidebeek in The Netherlands where Wim serves in the Maintenance Team and Jenni in the Prayer & Worship ministry. They have three beautiful children, Nora, Ezra & Finn, and a heart for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY & TRANSFORMATION!

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April 11, 2019

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26 Jul 2017

Deep down inside, underneath the layers of insecurity and perfectionism... I really like to write. And part of me thinks I'm good at it, while the other fears that I'm too unoriginal or boring or (insert negative adjective here). That means I have to "force" myself to start writing a blog post 90% of the time. And after I start writing, I have to force myself to not delete it or edit it to death 99% of the time.

Since I'm a verbal processor, writi...

29 May 2017

And then two months goes by without a blog post... ahhh!  Well, we're alive and thriving. Sometimes it's a struggle to put everything you go through in life into a condensed and interesting blog post that people want to read. But I'll try...

So where to start without just listing off the activities we've been doing... what's the heart of it all? Getting a renewed mind. That's what comes up in me when I think back on the past few months. In pretty...

14 Oct 2016

This past weekend from 6-9 October have I done a character weekend from the 4th Musketeer.  This is a Christian organisation that wants to help men to stand up in their manly identity in Christ! What have I learned from this is that you can do much more then you realize.

We where with 140 man +staff in Robertville, Ardennes, Belgium. In three nights I have slept maybe 9 hours, the purpose is that you will be broken physically so that you...

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