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Wim (Belgium) & Jenni (USA) have been serving with YWAM for over a decade. Currently they are part of YWAM Heidebeek in The Netherlands where Wim serves in the Maintenance Team and Jenni in the Prayer & Worship ministry. They have three beautiful children, Nora, Ezra & Finn, and a heart for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY & TRANSFORMATION!

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April 11, 2019

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29 May 2017

And then two months goes by without a blog post... ahhh!  Well, we're alive and thriving. Sometimes it's a struggle to put everything you go through in life into a condensed and interesting blog post that people want to read. But I'll try...

So where to start without just listing off the activities we've been doing... what's the heart of it all? Getting a renewed mind. That's what comes up in me when I think back on the past few months. In pretty...

3 Jun 2016

So I did survive the second-round of polyp removal! Of course it helped to have such sweet visitors. :-) But I'm alive and well. Still recovering, but I feel that it's going much better than the last time I had this surgery. Of course, there's nothing nice about having tampons stuck up your nose, and bleeding and blah... but the result is worth it.

I've been trying to muster up the faith to say, "it's never gonna come back!" and sometimes it works...

30 May 2016

 August 2011: Wim and I were recently married and still living in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state). I had struggled many years with being often sick, loss of smell, and at some points just not being able to breathe through my nose. It was discovered that I had nasal polyps and they needed to be removed.


I am still thankful for my great doctor (Lika Lomidze) and that I survived it all. But I can't help but remember that blazing hot ho...

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