• Jenni

dreams really do come true

If you watched our last video, you know that God blessed us with €6985 so that I could record a CD with my original songs. Well, the process has begun! I've been to Amsterdam twice already to work with this great producer/ recording guy (Dufry Music)! It's gonna be a long process because we're not just recording the songs how they are, but we're also working through them and seeing how they can be made better. So far we've made rough versions of two songs and I am so amazed to see how "synergy" works in this area too. I've created the songs and brought them to the level that I am capable of. But then to have another bring input and creativity, it just makes the songs so much better. So in fewer words: I'm thrilled. :-)

(here's a clip of my song "Qualified"... still in process, but sounding already so good!)


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