• Jenni

thirty and polyp-free

So I did survive the second-round of polyp removal! Of course it helped to have such sweet visitors. :-) But I'm alive and well. Still recovering, but I feel that it's going much better than the last time I had this surgery. Of course, there's nothing nice about having tampons stuck up your nose, and bleeding and blah... but the result is worth it.

I've been trying to muster up the faith to say, "it's never gonna come back!" and sometimes it works. Other times, not so much. Like when I read that the people who are most prone to get polyps are men over 40... and then I think, WHYYYYYYYYY MEEEEEEEEEE. So I've realized that I just can't quite muster up the 100% faith now, and I'm trusting that God knows how to handle that. Of course I still want to be healed, I never ever (times 3890347867879198897736834678) want to have to experience this kind of thing again, or be constantly congested and sick. But maybe in the letting go and saying "God, you gotta take care of this one, because I can't", I'll find my healing.

For now, I'm trying to just enjoy my new found breath! Looking forward to turning 30 tomorrow: unbelievable and amazing at the same time. Curious what the coming year(s) will bring...

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