• Jenni

We (heart) Italia!

We had the best vacation ever. Seriously.

Eating. Sleeping. Swimming. ICE CREAM. Resting. Enjoying. Exploring. Living to the fullest. Amazing!

Next week "normal" life begins: we pick up Wim's mom from Belgium, she'll stay with us for two weeks (she has a broken foot!). Soon we will start staff training for the Discipleship Summer Course (DSC) and at the end of the month the three-week course will begin. July 30th, helping host a seminar on the Father Heart of God (part of the DSC). In between all of that, going up and down to Amsterdam to keep recording my CD. Also, Ezra is now walking so we have four little feet climbing up forbidden stairs and pulling everything within reach off of tables onto the ground. Busy life, but blessed.

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