• Wim Dufoort


This past weekend from 6-9 October have I done a character weekend from the 4th Musketeer. This is a Christian organisation that wants to help men to stand up in their manly identity in Christ! What have I learned from this is that you can do much more then you realize.

We where with 140 man +staff in Robertville, Ardennes, Belgium. In three nights I have slept maybe 9 hours, the purpose is that you will be broken physically so that you will be more open spiritually. We men always want to do everything in our own power, but this weekend we realize we need each other and God! Friday we walked 22 miles in a hillside area, it took us about 12 hrs to do that. In the middle of the night they wake you up to pray for your family and then you could go back to bed! You never knew the time, nobody was allowed to have a watch or a mobile phone! Because of this you had to give up control you never new what to expect the leaders didn't say anything!

We had to crawl under barbed wire through the mud, walking through a river against the stream for about 1,25 miles and this in ice cold water. And many more things, to much to mention here. Because of this I have enormously pushed my own boundaries, I realize now that I can do much more even with physical pain.

It was special that we as a team of 9 men where so open to each other about very personal things! If you become vulnerable then you get connection, intimacy, brotherhood, friends. The devil always wants to make us believe that we are the only one with this problem, but if we are open then we realize that everybody recognizes himself in your problems and that nobody judges you. We always think that the grass is greener with the neighbors but realize that the grass is as brown as with us if we dare to be vulnerable!

Really every man should to this weekend! I feel like a victorious man and like somebody who perseveres after this weekend!

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