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7 months in bullet-points

So since it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve written anything, here is a brief bulletpoint summary of the last 7 months:

  • From August-December 2017 Jenni worked as full-time staff in the School of Intercessory Prayer (SOIP) at YWAM Heidebeek.

  • It was insane intense (being in 3rd trimester of pregnancy) but insane awesome at the same time… learned a lot and was able to give a lot to the students as well. Blessed!

  • In September Nora turned 4 years old and started going to "basis school"

  • 28 December 2017 Finn Marlyn Dufoort was born! Our 2nd son and 3rd child… SUPER MEGA BLESSED!

  • Jenni’s album “Light” was re-released through the company NEEMA and is available for purchase!

  • This has brought some cool opportunities: singing live on the radio, radio interviews, “CD of the week” at Groot Nieuws Radio… super exciting!

  • Jenni is currently still at home on “pregnancy furlough” and Wim is working full-time in maintenance at Heidebeek. In the coming months we’ll re-evaluate and Jenni will start to work part-time (taking Finn along) but we are still in process to see what works best for us.

  • Ezra just turned 3 years old

  • Nora is going to have her first Ballet performance next month

  • We love our life! God is so good and we’re really enjoying life with Him- seriously for the millionth time- SO BLESSED!

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