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USA Furlough 2024


It's been EIGHT years since we've been on furlough as a family! Our two youngest children have never set foot on US soil! And it's been way too long since we've been able to connect with so many of you - our wonderful supporters, friends and family. 

God has already provided in such miraculous ways! We have our tickets booked, a car arranged, most of our locations are finalized... and we are READY to RECONNECT!

We will be on furlough from 10 July - 21 August 2024. 

CLICK HERE to download our current itinerary (subject to change).

CLICK HERE to let us know when you'd like to meet up or if you'd like to help us out in any way!

We still are looking for connections (churches, small groups, to meet up with you personally!), and we are in need of some extra finances. LET US KNOW if you'd like to help out!!!  

to our furlough or our ministry in general?

Make sure you're receiving our prayer updates to keep updated on where we are at in the process! Fill out the form below to let us know if/how you are able to help us out. And most importantly: PRAY FOR US! This feels like such a big undertaking and we really need your support!

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